Prem Tripathi, MD | Facial Plastic Surgeon


As a facial plastic surgeon, I am passionate about having my patients feel their best. In my opinion, this starts with a high quality skincare regimen that is backed by science and can be done at home. There is a place for surgical and non-surgical treatments, believe me, but everything I offer my patients looks that much better when their skin is glowing and blemish-free. 


With so many products on the market and influencers promoting their product, it's easy to get lost or waste money on products that don't deliver. We created Silhouette Skin to bring the best quality formulations with active ingredients backed by science, to help take out the guesswork and give your skin the best chance of improving. Medical-grade skincare delivers results, and a customized program can help you achieve your skincare goals in the comfort of your home. 


I am excited to be a part of your journey to revealing healthy, glowing skin!

Jennifer Diaz | Licensed Aesthetician

The Silhouette Skin Story

Silhouette Aesthetics is a premier center in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in facial fillers, body contouring, weight loss, laser hair, and plastic surgery. We developed Silhouette Skin for one simple purpose: to offer our patients the best in clinically-proven skincare results. No matter the treatments offered, we noticed the results good quality skincare can offer in enhancing results. Our products are personally tested and backed by science. No snake oil, no false promises.