Why Medical Grade Skincare?

Skincare is overwhelming, I get it. There are a ton of products that all claim to do wonders for your skin and in the end so many of them are bottles filled with empty promises that you end up reaching for the shampoo to wash your hair, face, body and privates.

But wait, there's hope.

Medical grade skincare cuts out the BS. When correctly chosen, these products are worlds away from your influencer-backed brands. Here's how:

It's all about the active ingredients

Non medical-grade skincare products may tout results but at the end of the day, they do not contain the samequality of active ingredients either or not their strengths are similar. Think retinoids, retinol, vitamin C, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and the like.

It's all about the delivery

So you want vitamin C in your skin, why not throw a lemon on your face? Please PLEASE do not do this.

Medical grade skincare is specially formulated to have the properly delivery mechanisms that can target certain layers of your skin, and get the active ingredients where they need to be. A higher concentration of vitamin C alone won't cut it.

Clinical studies

There is laxity with how skincare is tested, marketed and formulated. If you go to CVS, you'll probably find products that claim to work and even pay a premium, but you'll be disappointed. Medical grade means there is often data to back it up which sometimes includes skin samples taken and examined under a microscope. I only purchase products for my practice when the data has been scrutinized.

At the end of the day, your fillers, botox, surgery and microneedling is going to look better when your skin is brighter and healthier. While you need periodic tune ups for your car, you still have to fill up the gas and get the oil changed. In the same way, so much of skincare can be done at home.

Let us be a part of helping you achieve glowing skin!

Dr. Tripathi

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